Safer Rolling Update for Docker Applications with Kubernetes


Docker containers have enabled applications to be developed and deployed faster due to its superior portability between development and production environment and across multiple clouds. Enterprises have started adopting Docker with microservices architecture for their new applications. One of the emerging requirements apparent among these early adopters is the need to update versions of the microservices in production seamlessly.  To address this need, container orchestration systems like Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Mesos, and Nomad has introduced support for rolling updates.  In a rolling update (Figure 1), applications get updated with zero downtime by incrementally updating pods/container instances with the new version.

Figure 1: Kubernetes Rolling Update (Source:

In this blog, we will discuss how to achieve safer rolling update of Docker applications in a Kubernetes environment through automated in-depth analysis of the microservices updates. Continue reading “Safer Rolling Update for Docker Applications with Kubernetes”