Spinnaker Continuous Delivery for OpenStack Environments



OpenStack is used by many large enterprises for their private cloud deployments.  From our customer conversations,  these enterprises are also moving to the public cloud (such as AWS) and deploying Kubernetes for their container workloads.

With such a varied nature of the deployment environments, it becomes a challenge to maintain scripts for deploying your applications.  Fortunately, Spinnaker, an open source tool created by Netflix offers support for a variety of deployment environments.

If you are interested in knowing more about deploying Spinnaker in your Enterprise and specifically OpenStack environment, check out our upcoming webinar.  Register in the below link.

Continuous Delivery: Is Spinnaker the Right Tool for OpenStack Deployments?

OpsMx offers Enterprise Spinnaker and Enterprise Continuous Delivery as-a-service with the broadest set of environment support including AWS, Kubernetes, OpenStack, OpenShift, Mesos, ECS, etc.,  and enterprise-grade risk verification and policy and compliance control.

For more information, email us at info@opsmx.com, and we hope to see you at the upcoming webinar.


Is Spinnaker the Right Tool for Your Continuous Delivery?

Your developers have adopted containers and microservices applications. You have implemented continuous integration tools like Jenkins. But your software delivery is still slow due to high ceremony release approvals, manual judgment of releases and myriad of scripts to roll-out and roll-back cloud deployments. So in essence, you need to modernize your software delivery to meet the increasing demand for speed of innovation from your customers.

We are setting up a  webinar for you to learn if Spinnaker is the right choice for your Continuous Delivery solution on April 11th at 10am PT/1am ET.

What you will learn in the webinar:

  • Top requirements for next-generation Continuous Delivery solutions
  • Choosing between Open Source CD and Closed Source CD solutions.
  • Introduction to Spinnaker enterprise CD solution
  • Top features and benefits of Spinnaker
  • Spinnaker demo – Deploying to AWS and Kubernetes

Register to reserve your spot.

For questions, send email to info@opsmx.com