How to Set Up Automated Release Analysis in Spinnaker Deployments

Updated 04/12/2018

Spinnaker, a continuous delivery platform is becoming popular among software deployment teams with its superior ability to orchestrate software delivery faster, safer and across multiple clouds.  Spinnaker currently supports Red/Black for most cloud providers and Canary deploy options for the AWS cloud provider.  Canary deploy can also be set up for any provider through a multi-stage setup. Rolling Red/Black is currently experimental and will be available in a non-experimental mode in a future Spinnaker release.

Starting with 1.7 version,  Spinnaker has officially released the automated canary analysis feature (aka Kayenta).  Spinnaker offers a default judge called the NetflixACAJudge-v1.0 and offers modularity to plugin 3rd party or custom judges. It is critical to enable automated canary analysis for the pipelines to truly benefit from these safe deployment strategies.

In this blog, we will review how to set up automated analysis for Canary and Red/Black deployment strategies instead of manual judgment or verification.

Safe Deployment Options with Spinnaker
Safe Deployment Options with Spinnaker

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Spinnaker 1.1 Enables Canary/ACA Stage for Safe Deployments

Exciting news today for all CI/CD enthusiasts. Spinnaker project reached the 1.0 milestone.

Spinnaker is a continuous delivery platform that is pioneering the ability to release software faster. It is allowing thousands of enterprises to achieve release velocity never seen before. The key to increasing the software velocity is to determine with confidence that the new version can be deployed to production through safe deployments models such as Canary or Red/Black (aka blue-green).

With the 1.1 release, Spinnaker has enabled Canary and ACA task stage as a core feature. Before this release, one has to enable Canary and ACA task stage using netflixMode flag in the Spinnaker settings file. Continue reading “Spinnaker 1.1 Enables Canary/ACA Stage for Safe Deployments”