Spinnaker Summit 2019

Spinnaker Summit 2019 – Some Key Technical Takeaways

It was encouraging to see a buzzing crowd on a Saturday morning all eager to learn and share information about Spinnaker. There were some great keynotes and great sessions on new things in Spinnaker as well as real-life experiences using Spinnaker. There were some sessions that particularly caught my attention that I would like to share.  Dynamic Account Configuration This…

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Open Enterprise Spinnaker

1. What is Open Enterprise Spinnaker (OES)? Open Enterprise Spinnaker is the open-source Spinnaker bundled with additional features that make it enterprise-ready. These include an analytics dashboard, auditing, log management and additional custom stages along with some best practices built into it. This uses the open-source Spinnaker as-is without any customization or proprietary modifications. It is possible to add the…

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Deploying Spinnaker in GKE with LDAP authentication

Spinnaker has some quirks when enabled for ldap authentication, especially the login URL. When deploying Spinnaker using the published Helm chart, gate is available on /gate on deck. But the login URL gets routed to /login and after successful login routed to /auth/redirect instead of being relative to the gate base url! The setup works very well when you have…

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