CD to Kubernetes using GitLab triggered Spinnaker pipelines

Continuous Deployment to Kubernetes using GitLab triggered spinnaker pipelines

This blog explains how to configure Spinnaker v1.16.1 to trigger pipelines based on commits to a Gitlab repository and inject changed Gitlab files as artifacts into a pipeline Prerequisites Configure GitLab webhooks Configure a GitLab artifact account Configure Spinnaker Pipeline Trigger Verification 1. Prerequisites 1.1.  GitLab account Create a new Project and then add some sample artifact file to the…

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How to Enable Prometheus Monitoring for Kubernetes Cluster

Prometheus, an open-source monitoring, and alerting toolkit is becoming the most popular solution for monitoring Kubernetes cluster for Spinnaker users or otherwise.   To perform manual or automated Red/Black or Canary analysis, having a useful monitoring solution is essential. In this blog,  we will provide instructions on how to enable Prometheus monitoring for your Kubernetes cluster

Safer Rolling Update for Docker Applications with Kubernetes

Introduction Docker containers have enabled applications to be developed and deployed faster due to its superior portability between development and production environment and across multiple clouds. Enterprises have started adopting Docker with microservices architecture for their new applications. One of the emerging requirements apparent among these early adopters is the need to update versions of the microservices in production seamlessly.…

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