Triggering a build Pipeline in GitLab from spinnaker

This blog explains how to trigger a build pipeline in GitLab from Spinnaker v1.16.1. 1.  Prerequisites 2.  Configure CI/CD pipeline with GitLab 3.  Configure a GitLab Custom Webhook Stage 4.  Configure Spinnaker Pipeline Stage 5.  Verification 1.  Prerequisites 1.1.  GitLab account Create a new Project and then add some sample CI/CD pipeline using a YAML file called ‘.gitlab-ci.yml’ to the…

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Spinnaker 1.17 – What’s New

Spinnaker 1.17 was released on 4th Nov 2019. This release bring in a lot of highlights. Here we share the summary of important improvements. Improved isolation between Kubernetes V2 accounts Clouddriver will start up significantly faster for users with many Kubernetes V2 accounts as of Spinnaker 1.17. In addition, an error communicating with one account’s cluster will not affect the…

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Red Hat Certified Operator for Spinnaker

Spinnaker Lifecycle Management In this blog we are going to explore the Red Hat Certified Spinnaker Operator to install Red Hat Certified Spinnaker. There are several ways of using the Spinnaker Operator OpenShift 4 Certified Operators Marketplace Quay, as a Custom Operator As a CRD, which omits Operator Lifecycle management The simplest approach by far is by using the OpenShift…

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Deploying Helm Chart to Kubernetes using Spinnaker

Spinnaker is a multi-cloud and multi-environment Continuous Deployment tool. One of the target environment is Kubernetes(k8s) to deploy micro-services. Why Helm Chart? Creating multiple manifest files and performing kubectl apply command for every manifest makes it cumbersome. So, something similar to rpm or apt-get in Linux, is required for K8s environment for installing connected release objects. Here comes the saviour…

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Spinnaker 1.16 – What’s New

Spinnaker 1.16 release was released on 9th Sep 2019. This release bring in a lot of highlights. Here we share the summary of important improvements. Dynamic Accounts for Echo and Igor Spring Cloud Config has been integrated into Echo and Igor to add support for sourcing account configuration from external sources such as Git and Hashicorp’s Vault. This builds on…

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Spinnaker 1.15 – What’s New

Spinnaker 1.15 release was released on 19th Jul 2019. This release brings a lot of exciting highlights and updates including the following. Override Kubernetes Manifest Namespace in Deploy Manifest stage Manifest namespace can now be overridden in the Deploy Manifest stage via the Override Namespace option. If selected, the overridden namespace will be injected into each manifest before it is…

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Spinnaker 1.14 – What’s New

Spinnaker 1.14 release was released on 20th May 2019. This release brings a lot of exciting highlights and updates including the following. Managed Pipeline Templates V2 UI: Spinnaker now supports managed templates UI for viewing, deleting or creating a new pipeline with available templates in Spinnaker. These managed templates can be constructed from visual pipeline builder json as base pipeline.…

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Terraform Integration with Spinnaker

Overview OpsMx announces Terraform integration for Spinnaker. This blog describes how to use Terraform with Spinnaker. If you are currently using Terraform for provisioning, this enhancement enables Spinnaker to continuously deploy using Terraform. What is Terraform? Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. Terraform can manage existing and popular service providers as well as…

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Spinnaker Operator for Kubernetes: Setup Guide

Overview This Operator allows users to spin up Open Enterprise Spinnaker (OES) to manage deployments etc., using Openshift CRD’s. With the help of Spinnaker Services Operator, users will have the convenience and confidence of a simplified approach to execute CI/CD process with high velocity and quality deployments in all environments. What is operator? Operatorhub is a home for the kubernetes…

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OpsMx Audit Service for Spinnaker

This blogs describes the Audit service for OpsMx.. Why Audit Service? How to enable Audit Service? Audit comes as part of Open Enterprise Spinnaker (OES). Please download OES. If you need assistance, please reach us out at