Setting up Google Cloud Build (GCB) as CI System within Spinnaker

1. Prerequisites Source Code in GitHub Spinnaker 1.16 1.1 Source Code Repository in GitHub Prepare a GitHub repository with some source code to build and it must contain either a Dockerfile or a cloudbuild.yaml file to configure the build. 1.2… Continue Reading →

Deploying Helm Chart to Kubernetes using Spinnaker

Spinnaker is a multi-cloud and multi-environment Continuous Deployment tool. One of the target environment is Kubernetes(k8s) to deploy micro-services. Why Helm Chart? Creating multiple manifest files and performing kubectl apply command for every manifest makes it cumbersome. So, something similar… Continue Reading →

Spinnaker blue/green deployment for Kubernetes

Spinnaker introduced traffic management in Kubernetes deployments in version 1.14. In this blog we discuss Blue/Green deployment strategy and how to configure in Spinnaker using traffic management. Red/Black or Blue/Green Strategy : Red/Black is to deploy a new version of… Continue Reading →

Deploying Spinnaker in GKE with LDAP authentication

Spinnaker has some quirks when enabled for ldap authentication, especially the login URL. When deploying Spinnaker using the published Helm chart, gate is available on /gate on deck. But the login URL gets routed to /login and after successful login… Continue Reading →

Spinnaker 1.16 – What’s New

Spinnaker 1.16 release was released on 9th Sep 2019. This release bring in a lot of highlights. Here we share the summary of important improvements. Dynamic Accounts for Echo and Igor Spring Cloud Config has been integrated into Echo and… Continue Reading →

Configuring dynamic accounts in clouddriver for kubernetes

This technical blog focus on how to configure spinnaker’s new feature of dynamic account loading in Clouddriver for Kubernetes provider. This feature is introduced in 1.15.x. This feature is an outcome of Spring Cloud Config integration into Clouddriver, to add… Continue Reading →

Spinnaker 1.15 – What’s New

Spinnaker 1.15 release was released on 19th Jul 2019. This release brings a lot of exciting highlights and updates including the following. Override Kubernetes Manifest Namespace in Deploy Manifest stage Manifest namespace can now be overridden in the Deploy Manifest… Continue Reading →

Spinnaker Operator for Kubernetes: Setup Guide

Overview This Operator allows users to spin up Open Enterprise Spinnaker (OES) to manage deployments etc., using Openshift CRD’s. With the help of Spinnaker Services Operator, users will have the convenience and confidence of a simplified approach to execute CI/CD… Continue Reading →

Meet OpsMx at KubeCon Europe

Kubecon/Cloud-NativeCon Europe 2019 is here in Barcelona and we are excited to see the amount of enthusiasm for Cloud-Native applications and Kubernetes. If you are attending the event, please check out our sessions below. Operators in Action Panel at OpenShift… Continue Reading →

OpsMx adds Spinnaker Operator for OpenShift & Kubernetes

We are excited to announce that OpsMx added the Spinnaker operator for OpenShift and Kubernetes environments. Spinnaker Operator allows for easier deployment and maintenance of OpsMx Spinnaker in an OpenShift and Kubernetes environment. What is Operator? An Operator is a… Continue Reading →

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