OpsMx Adds Spinnaker to AWS Marketplace



OpsMx is excited to announce the availability of Spinnaker AMI on AWS Marketplace. The Spinnaker AMI will allow users to launch Open Enterprise Spinnaker (OES) with Minio Storage.


  • Below are the mandatory configurations to launch OpsMx AMI
    • Launch an t2.2xlarge
    • Setup Spinnaker related security groups
    • Mandatory to have kubernetes installed and have kubeconfig handy.

Step by Step Instructions to Launch OpsMX AMI

  • Login to AWS Console
  • Click on Services dropdown -> Click on EC2 -> Click Launch Instance -> Click on My AMIs and Select OpsMx-Spinnaker with Minio Storage and Click Next.

  • Select t2.2xlarge 8cores & 32gb RAM and click on Configure Instance Details

  • Select a Subnet which provides the No. Of IP Addresses available from the Subnet Dropdown, also select any IAM role and click on Add Storage

  • As we are using an bundled AMI, Storage will be mentioned by default from the root volume, now click on Add Tags.

  • Click to Add a Name Tag and name the instance for your reference and Click to Configure Security Group

  • In this Section, click on add a new rule to add and expose all the spinnaker related ports, refer to the below screenshot to find all the Spinnaker related ports and click on Review and Launch

  • Click on Launch to Select the pemkey and finalize Launch Instances.

  • Newly launched Spinnaker Instance should now successfully reflect in the EC2 Dashboard.
  • Now, login to the server using the pem key, by executing the below command
    ssh -i “spinnaker.pem” ubuntu@<Public IP Address>
  • Execute an ‘ifconfig’ and capture the ‘inet addr’ to start the minio service.
  • Execute the below command to start up minio service, with the port number that minio will be listening. Upon successful startup of script, refer to the below screenshot for the output

sudo ./minio server --address <IP Address>:9001 /data &

  • Create/Copy, kubeconfig file from kubernetes installation and ensure to update it from the following location ‘~/.kube’
  • Click here for ‘V2’ Service account creation.
  • Execute the below commands to publish the deck and gate port

hal config security ui edit \
--override-base-url http://<Public IP>:9000

hal config security api edit \
--override-base-url http://<Public IP>:8084

  • To access Spinnaker Console, restart the Spinnaker services by executing the below command.

sudo hal deploy apply

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