Spinnaker 1.1 Enables Canary/ACA Stage for Safe Deployments

Exciting news today for all CI/CD enthusiasts. Spinnaker project reached the 1.0 milestone.

Spinnaker is a continuous delivery platform that is pioneering the ability to release software faster. It is allowing thousands of enterprises to achieve release velocity never seen before. The key to increasing the software velocity is to determine with confidence that the new version can be deployed to production through safe deployments models such as Canary or Red/Black (aka blue-green).

With the 1.1 release, Spinnaker has enabled Canary and ACA task stage as a core feature. Before this release, one has to enable Canary and ACA task stage using netflixMode flag in the Spinnaker settings file.

Canary Stage for Spinnaker1.0
Canary Stage for Spinnaker1.1

I just installed the Spinnaker on GCP with their click to deploy option, and it was up and running in minutes. Kudos to the GCP team for making it so simple for users.

For us at OpsMx, it is a big day since we pride ourselves on providing the best automated Canary analysis for Canary stage or any stage (Red/Black or Staging) through ACA task stage out of the box. If you are curious, check out interactive product walk-through demo.

Use cases for Automated Canary Analysis

  • Automating Your Canary Stage: Release your software in minutes, with real-time and in-depth analysis of architectural regressions, performance deviations, and security violations to lower the risk while increasing the velocity of releases even for your most complex applications.
  • Automating Any Spinnaker Deployment Stage (Red/Black or Staging): Not yet ready for Canary deployment yet? Enable ACA task stage to any current Spinnaker deployment stage be it test or staging or production Red/Black deployment to get a real-time in-depth analysis of architectural regressions, performance deviations, and security violations of your software release to lower the risk and avoid time-consuming and error-prone manual inspection.

If you are interested in seeing a live demo and free trial, please email us at info@opsmx.com or fill the form below.

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