How to Integrate AWS Lambda with Spinnaker

Overview This blog explain’s how to integrate AWS Lambda function with Spinnaker 1.16.2 via Cloud-driver, Also we will be looking how to call AWS Lambda function using API calls and custom Web-Hooks. NOTE: This Proof Of Concept expects that you have full admin rights to AWS Console, to create AWS Lambda functions and the respective IAM Roles have been created…

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OpsMx Adds Spinnaker to AWS Marketplace

Overview OpsMx is excited to announce the availability of Spinnaker AMI on AWS Marketplace. The Spinnaker AMI will allow users to launch Open Enterprise Spinnaker (OES) with Minio Storage. Prerequisites Below are the mandatory configurations to launch OpsMx AMI Launch an t2.2xlarge Setup Spinnaker related security groups Mandatory to have kubernetes installed and have kubeconfig handy. Types of AMI’s release…

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Canary Deployment Gaining Momentum Across AWS Services

AWS re:Invent 2017 is now in the book with over 45,000 attendees.   AWS continuous to grow in adoption as well as market-leading features being introduced at a record speed. One of my key takeaways from this year AWS re:Invent is that customers are looking to release their container applications faster and Amazon is providing easier ways to achieve that including…

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