Spinnaker Operating Models: How to choose a model with best ROI for your business?

Spinnaker is a widely deployed open source continuous delivery platform adopted by thousands of enterprises. Today, small and large enterprises are now facing the challenges of adopting and supporting Spinnaker in their organizations. In this blog we take a look at the pros and cons of these three approaches, some perspectives on their ROI implications, and how OpsMx is taking…

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Why OpsMx for Spinnaker?

If you are reading this, you are probably evaluating Spinnaker for continuous delivery of your cloud-native applications to Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Azure or OpenShift. Spinnaker is an opensource project that has achieved serious traction in many organizations including Netflix, Waze, Intuit, Pure Storage, Cisco etc. Enterprises have selected Spinnaker primarily for the ability to automate end-to-end deployment from developer code-checkin…

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