Spinnaker 1.20 – What’s New

The updated Spinnaker version-Spinnaker 1.20, was released on 04th May 2020. This release brings fixes, features, and performance improvements across a comprehensive feature set in Spinnaker. Here we share the summary of essential improvements Prerequisites: This release requires Halyard Version 1.32.0 or later. List of Fixes and New Features: Kubernetes V1 Provider: Now, its time to migrate all your data…

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Open Enterprise Spinnaker (OES) 2.9: Enterprise Ready Continuous Delivery

We are announcing the release of Open Enterprise Spinnaker 2.9. This release contains the following major enhancements: Real-time Application Dashboard Self-Service Application Onboarding Release Management OpsMx Audit Trailing  Spinnaker 1.19.5 Distribution What’s new in OES 2.9: 1.Real-time Application Dashboard: Product owners, Development, Operations, and QA teams require real-time visibility of application deployments, coupled with metrics that can help in making…

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Empowering DevOps with robust policy management

IT managers create different policies to allow software programs to run in various machines and domains. They also delineate restriction policies to prevent untrusted code from running in any system. Large enterprises enforce some policies that are mandated w.r.t HIPPA or SOX laws. The notion of policy enforcement is to maintain the reliability and availability of the entire IT ecosystem.…

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Spinnaker – Blue/Green strategy with external versioning and Kubernetes Deployment object

From this blog you can explore options to implement externally versioned or managed blue/green strategy for application deployment using spinnaker pipeline. Introduction and Scope Blue-green deployment strategy for production environments reduces downtime as well as risk by running two identical deployments called Blue and Green. At any given time, there is only one live deployment serving complete production traffic. This…

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Unshackle Developers from K8S Deployment Complexities and Gain Speed

“In the world of Kung Fu, Speed defines the Winner” – This adage, from the movie KungFu Hustle, holds true for enterprise success in general. Today the quest of achieving speed- in developing software and in the shipment of the software to end customers- drives these organizations nuts. Hence organizations want to embrace Continuous Deployment, a strategy to implement the…

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Spinnaker – Configuring Dynamic Kubernetes Accounts using Vault

Advanced Spinnaker users want to keep the Kubernetes account information in Hashicorp vault, so that they can be be updated idenpendent of Spinnaker, yet keeping the account information in a confidential manner. This feature of storing accounts in an external configuration store is made available from Spinnaker 1.15.x. The external configuration store feature is available to implement for Spinnaker services…

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Spinnaker Operating Models: How to choose a model with best ROI for your business?

Spinnaker is a widely deployed open source continuous delivery platform adopted by thousands of enterprises. Today, small and large enterprises are now facing the challenges of adopting and supporting Spinnaker in their organizations. In this blog we take a look at the pros and cons of these three approaches, some perspectives on their ROI implications, and how OpsMx is taking…

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Deploy To Production

How To Deploy Spinnaker In Production ?

                  Before we begin about Production ready Spinnaker. Let us see what exactly is Spinnaker ? and why there is so much buzz about the Product Spinnaker ? What is Spinnaker ? Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. Created at…

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Helm Chart

Baking Helm 3 Charts in Spinnaker

Helm 3 has undergone some major changes versus its predecesor Helm 2. Spinnaker has introduced the use of Helm 3 in Spinnaker 1.19.0 along with Helm 2. In this guide, we will be listing out the steps to implement the Helm 3 template baking (i.e. rendering), so the final manifest files will be available for performing deployment into K8s cluster.…

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