User Story: Spinnaker at Cisco

Spinnaker continuous delivery is continuing to gain traction at large enterprises looking into automated and programmable multi-cloud deployments.  At the recent Spinnaker Summit in Seattle,  Cisco presented their lessons learned in their adoption of Spinnaker enterprise-wide for 3000+ applications and 6000 developers. Cisco chose Spinnaker for the following capabilities of Spinnaker: Multi-cloud deployment capability Support for containers and VMs Zero downtime…

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Capital One’s journey towards building microservices

Capital one’s idea of sustained success comes from having a great technology and talent married to greater engineering strategy. The focus was on reduced software development lifecycle, improved performance, reduced mean time to recovery when software fails. To achieve these goals Capital One adopted Spinnaker. Every new development or improvement to a legacy software thereafter was done as a microservice…

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Target adopts Spinnaker

In 2017, Target’s engineering team embarked on a journey to facilitate rapid software delivery to Target stores to enable innovation and quick response to ever-evolving business needs. The team had to build a safe and expedient continuous delivery pipeline to 1,800 deployment targets. The method of deploying code in the home-grown platform was cumbersome and not adherent to best practices…

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Hello Sign – Getting ready for high growth with Spinnaker

HelloSign is a cloud-based company which aims to automate and manage Business transactions. As the company witnessed high growth – audit,compliance, regulations and accountability became extremely important. Spinnaker helped the company achieve these goals and ensure a clear road map for future growth. This presentation was presented by Nicholas Whittier at Spinnaker Summit.

Spinnaker User Story – Schibsted

Schibsted is a media company in Norway using Spinnaker with more than 300 engineers using it. They shared their learnings, best practices from their experience rolling out Spinnaker at the recently concluded Spinnaker Summit in Seattle. Check out the video here   If you are looking for Spinnaker onboarding services or ongoing Spinnaker support, email us at f you…

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Spinnaker User Story: Pure Storage

We recently organized a Spinnaker meetup at Pure Storage as part of the South Bay Spinnaker Meetup group.   Pure Storage presented the reasons for selecting Spinnaker and the benefits derived from using Spinnaker both from the Ops and Dev.   There were excellent talks around how to deploy Spinnaker using Halyard, CLI for Spinnaker and deploying Spinnaker containers in security constrained environments…

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